annual reminder about 9/11


  • jokes about the victims or the situation will not be tolerated
  • islamophobic comments and stereotypical bullshit will also not be tolerated
  • you will be unfollowed in 0.2 seconds if i see that shit; i’d like to think the people i follow are better, smarter, and more compassionate than that

Finally someone that defends islamic rights, May Allah preserve you from all the bad in the world sister.



like, okay, i understand the “no, taylor, girl-on-girl hate is bad” response, but



I’m scared lmao
it has been PERPETUALLY true like with almost every
that the song that I think sounds the stupidest when I first hear the title, is either my favorite or one of my favorites
i.e : Fifteen from Fearless I thought it sounded dumbass little did I know….

I love you. I really do.



So I’m seeing all these posts taking a stab at Katy perry and I just need to say one thing

Y’all are doing the one thing we are trying to get people to stop doing to Taylor

and if you think it’s okay to do it towards someone other than Taylor, then you’re a hypocrite

The difference here is we know that Taylor is not a fake bitch that gives low blows such as sabotaging a World Tour. Katy could’ve stopped just to think about all the people that worked on the tour, and most importantly all the fans that has been waiting for so long and saving money. It’s not even human, you can’t do that because you’re fueled by jealousy !